Manufacturers experience some of the steepest competition when it comes to hiring in the industry. They have industry-specific obstacles to overcome when they seek to fill open positions and using social media to bridge that gap may be their best tool yet.

Traditional hiring practices no longer work as well for manufacturers. Newspaper ads, job fairs, cold calling and temp agencies have become outdated methods for seeking the best candidates. It’s important to make it easy for candidates to find your company, find open positions and apply easily from their computers, tablets or phones.

Enhance the Branding of the Employer

Executives see the value in branding their business to attract new talent, and social media holds the highest priority when accomplishing this goal. More hiring teams recognize that social media is the most effective way of enhancing a company’s brand, above the company’s website, print ads, and career fairs.

Social media has become one of the top resources for job searches. Since the manufacturing industry faces challenges with recruiting millennials, companies should consider utilizing these platforms to increase their brand awareness. Though it may take less common strategies to master the technique of talent attraction through social media, it’s an effective and less costly route for hiring teams.

Increase Methods of Communication

Younger generations gravitate toward platforms like Snapchat and Instagram, and your company can use this information as the indicators of their preferred methods of communication. Millennials are much more likely to respond in positive ways to video recruiting initiatives. According to The Magnet, candidate engagement more than triples when companies use videos to provide job descriptions, rather than text.

Display Your Company’s Tech Advancements

Communicating through social media platforms accomplishes more than engagement. When a company elects to use more modern technology to reach prospective employees, it communicates to candidates that the company provides a workplace that embraces innovation. While it may simply enhance recruitment efforts, the underlying message is that future employees might expect their management teams are tech savvy and open to improving their business processes with technology.

Display the Company’s Workplace Culture

Just as hiring managers seek to understand their prospective employees through more comprehensive means, future employees do the same. Much like branding themselves on social media, companies have the ability to share the culture of the workplace through these same platforms.

Strong culture within any company becomes the framework that determines retention. Employees seek a sense of belonging, purpose and engagement when they consider applying for a new job. It’s no longer just about providing an income, or a means to an end. When your company provides insight into the lives of the employees, highlights notable events or accomplishments, and shows a sense of belonging through curated posts on social media, attracting new talent becomes a natural result.

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