Full Lifecycle Recruiting
From sourcing and screening to recruiting and negotiating, Cloutera manages the entire recruitment process from start to finish.
Source Recruiting & Research Based Identification
Cloutera employs a centralized sourcing and research team that is accessible to all Cloutera Recruiters and helps to identify, target, and engage with your optimal candidates.
Recruitment Strategy for Startups
Cloutera makes data consumable and actionable, helping fine-tune your recruitment strategy into a valuable competitive advantage.
Recruitment Process & Platform Selection
Cloutera allows you to easily access and manage candidate information in order for your organization to make quick, educated hiring decisions.
Segmented Diversity Recruiting
Cloutera uses data to customize a company’s recruiting approach so that it aligns with the unique needs of different segments within the larger recruiting pool.
Community Engagement
Recruiting doesn’t just happen over the phone or email. Engaging the community is key and we are very good at it. Cloutera frequently speaks at events, provides workshops, and is always active in networking communities.
Diversity Marketing
We create strategies and executable plans that help our clients stay ahead of their diversity recruiting and retention efforts.
Employment Branding
Cloutera gives your candidates a reason to move forward in the conversation with employer branding that differentiates you from your competitors.

Powered by Data. Driven by People. Passionate about Diversity.


Cloutera’s flexible contract recruiting solutions help organizations manage sudden increases in hiring volume due to a variety of circumstances. Our team of experts can rapidly take on open positions and help alleviate immediate recruiting pressures.


Our recruiting-as-a-service solution provides you with a team of highly-talented recruiters, sourcers, and market researchers dedicated to handling all aspects of your full lifecycle recruiting campaign. This includes value proposition development, creation, and execution of sourcing strategies, complete management of the candidate experience, and much more.


Leveraging technology and combining it with a robust team of data-driven researchers, Cloutera will grow your internal recruiting infrastructure. We help attract, acquire, and retain diverse talent, while building a stronger, more inclusive organization.


Our technical recruiting and diversity talent sourcing solutions, cultural competency training, multicultural marketing campaigns, and employment branding provide you with a multifaceted approach to hiring.

You need to hire great people quickly. We can help.

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