Diversity Recruiting
Attract, acquire, grow and retain talent as the employer of choice for a diverse workforce.

Diversity Recruiting & Sourcing

Cloutera is an industry leader in segmented diversity recruiting techniques and marketing campaigns. Combining the power of technology and people, we have built a robust research team that takes a data-driven approach to what works and what doesn’t work for recruiting subgroups. In fact, we solve specific diversity recruiting challenges by simultaneously building Diversity and Inclusion programs as well as helping you attract, acquire, grow, and retain top talent.


We go beyond recruitment – Cloutera recruits, trains, and retains the best Recruiters in the marketplace. Using the data provided by our research team, our Recruiters are able to customize their messages, build stronger recruiting campaigns, and close candidates better than anyone in the market.
We build relationships – Relationships with the tech community, educational institutions, and diversity organizations are critical. We are incredibly active in the technology community by building robust partnerships and making meaningful connections through mentorship, training, and teaching.
We believe in what we do – Many organizations and institutions offer solutions to solve the diversity challenges companies face, yet they themselves are not diverse. Simply put, we practice what we preach, hold ourselves accountable, and lead by example.

diversity sourcing

Our solutions are tailored to augment existing HR/Recruiting teams in growing mid-size to enterprise level organizations that are struggling to meet diversity numbers or looking to enhance their diversity measures.
Our sourcing services give you a way to harness our data mining and analytics to solve specific recruiting challenges for a particular role or set of roles, and gives you the opportunity to be proactive in building diverse candidate pipelines for your recruitment team.

What’s the goal of the diversity program?

Help our clients understand demographic changes in the workforce.
Build and execute recruiting strategies to attract more diverse individuals to their roles.
Ensure that majority groups aren’t marginalized in the process.
Build long-term relationships with minority organizations and educational institutions by networking for strategic alliances to enable long-term diversity recruitment.
Learn how to effectively recruit, interview, close, and retain candidates and employees from diverse groups.
Make appropriate internal culture changes that will enable all employees to thrive.
Become the employer of choice for a diverse workforce.
Measure the effectiveness of their recruitment efforts.

Did You Know?


Percentage that a company in the top quartile of gender diversity will be more likely to financially outperform a company in the bottom quartile


Percentage that a company in the top quartile of racial and ethnic diversity will be more likely to financially outperform a company in the bottom quartile


Percentage of United States companies with senior-leadership teams that fail to reflect the demographic composition of the country’s labor force and population.


The increase in earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) for every 10 percent increase in racial and ethnic diversity on the senior-executive team.