If you’ve decided to use recruitment process outsourcing to improve your hiring practices, you may be trying to determine which provider is best for you. How do you know which provider will be the best fit for your company?

We’re going to outline some characteristics of an RPO provider that will help you determine the one most suited to your company’s needs.

The Volume of Your Projects

Look for a provider that can meet your project volume. For example, if you have large-scale projects planned, evaluate the amount of hires the provider conducted in prior years to help you determine if they can support your hiring needs.

The Industry They Serve

Not all providers will serve your industry. Some even focus on singular industries and may not be familiar with the responsibilities of the positions you are looking to fill.

Consider the Departments You Want to Hire for

While some RPO providers focus on industry, others may specialize in departments. Are you scaling your company with the expansion of a particular department, like sales or marketing? Consider a provider that hires for the departments you’re looking to staff.

Evaluate Their List of Services

Before conducting your search, it’s helpful to have a list of responsibilities you need the RPO provider to fulfill. They can perform tasks including candidate research, compliance, comprehensive recruiting or even manage third-party vendors.

Do You Need Them On-Site?

Do you need an RPO provider to supplement your hiring team on-site? If so, you’ll need to select a provider that openly delivers this service. Not all will offer on-site services, but they may provide them if prompted.

Which Countries Do They Support?

If your company is hiring outside the United States (perhaps you’re expanding an international location), make sure you choose an RPO provider that can accommodate staffing branches of your company at its international location.

What About Reputation?

Undoubtedly, it’s a great idea to evaluate reviews from other customers to understand the impact of each RPO provider you’re considering. Were they successful in their projects? Did they meet expectations? How did they perform with regard to time-sensitive projects?

Compare the goals of previous customers to your own, and consider going with a provider that successfully completed similar objectives, so you have confidence in their ability to serve your company.

Check Out Their Tech Specs

Are you looking for an RPO provider to accommodate your projects with predictive analytics? You may need a particular tech solution to effectively manage or improve your hiring practices, and you’ll want to find a provider that can support your technology needs.

Do You Like Them?

Much like choosing employees, you want to choose a provider you will enjoy working with. RPO providers become an extension of the companies they serve. During that time, they partner with your business to complete your projects while representing your brand to qualified, desirable candidates. Be selective and choose a provider that will make your partnership pleasant and productive.

The benefits of recruitment process outsourcing are vast, but finding the best-suited RPO provider for your company comes with challenges. If you’re in the market, contact us today and see if we meet your organization’s project needs!

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