A company’s success can often be directly correlated to its ability to select and retain high-quality employees. But recruiting is a complicated process with many moving parts, and it can prove all-consuming for hiring managers and human resource departments. This is where recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) becomes a highly appealing option for many businesses.

RPO is an effective option for companies that need to staff their open positions, refine and manage their hiring processes, but simply need a provider that accomplishes this as a service. This allows a company to confidently hire new employees that have been sourced, screened, interviewed and deemed a best fit for the organization – all without having to devote more labor hours from existing staff, and adding stress to their hiring teams.


Needing to Scale

A perfect time to consider RPO for your company is when there’s a need for scaling. Sometimes a company has an immediate need for 10 to 20 employees and they don’t have a hiring team that can manage everything it takes to fulfill the full life cycle of recruiting.

RPOs can handle the task by providing the resources that help a company evaluate its needs, anticipate the number of employees they need to hire, and utilize the right platforms and software to track the hiring process and adjust to its metrics.

Instead of hiring more people for the temporary human resource task of scaling your company for growth, a company can benefit from the resources of RPO without the long-term commitment of permanent hiring teams.

Improve the Recruiting Process

If you evaluate the life cycle of the recruiting process, do you find your company performs some tasks better than others? Do you find that employee retention is low, and you can’t quite pinpoint why? Do you feel as though you aren’t able to find the right candidates for the positions you hope to fill? These are all components of the hiring process that are addressed the moment you decide to consult an RPO provider.

Sometimes companies simply want to hand over the responsibility of sourcing candidates, including screening them. Because RPO providers specialize in these tasks, their sole focus is to find qualified candidates, and widen the pool of options for their clients.

Projects and Seasonal Hires

There are times when companies have a need for specialized hires that provide help for specific projects like product development, opening and training for a new location, or the like. Oftentimes, the typical recruitment process of the company can’t accommodate these hiring dynamics, or the hiring teams simply don’t have the expertise to select the right candidates and determine if they fit the requirements needed to complete these individualized roles.

RPO providers have the ability to come in on a seasonal or project-oriented basis and bring in the necessary expertise without affecting the day-to-day hiring practices of the client.



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