In today’s candidate-driven and incredibly tight labor market, companies are struggling to find the tech talent they need to fill vacant positions. Finding qualified candidates has become increasingly difficult, and 50% of hiring managers admit to having open jobs they can’t seem to fill. Since IT is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the nation – with an anticipated 5+ million jobs being expected globally by 2027 – the situation may only become worse.

Nearly 73% of employers state they are having trouble finding skilled candidates overall, and 45% are legitimately concerned about locating the talent they need. Currently, technology leaders have difficulty finding qualified professionals for a wide range of tech roles, including security, software development, data analytics and more.

When employers are faced with a hard-to-fill tech position, 46% turn to specialized recruiters to get access to the expertise and support they need, and with good reason. If you have tech job openings that are sitting vacant, here’s how a specialized recruiter can help.

Tech Industry Hiring Experts

A recruiter that specializes in tech understands the nuances of various IT roles, including hard-to-fill positions like security and data analytics, as well as the skills it takes to excel in those positions.

Specialized recruiters are familiar with field-related terminology, including common jargon and acronyms, so they speak the language and understand the content of technical resumes with greater ease. Based on their knowledge, they can craft effective and comprehensive job descriptions or vacancy announcements that speak directly to the kind of candidate being targeted, ensuring the ad makes a positive impression.

Additionally, since specialized recruiters focus on a single niche, they know how to locate candidates in that field. They aren’t solely reliant on broadly known sources, such as major job boards. And while they may tap those resources, they also know how to branch out to locate hard-to-find candidates and entice them to apply.

Broad Candidate Networks

Specialized recruiters craft large talent pools – consisting of both active and passive job seekers – that concentrate on specific skill sets. Over time, they cultivate relationships with tech professionals, integrating them into their networks and keeping the lines of communication open.

Through these communications, specialized recruiters gain a deep understanding of a candidate’s capabilities, including how they evolve during the relationship. Plus, they understand each candidate’s preferences, personality, and perspective, allowing them to seek out applicants that aren’t just skill-based matches but will also mesh with an employer’s culture.

This process allows specialized recruiters to identify right-fit job seekers quickly and efficiently. Plus, since culture match is part of the equation, the candidate’s odds of being a success are usually significantly higher than if the culture was unknown.

Improved Candidate Experience

Specialized recruiters understand how the candidate experience impacts their results, so they take active steps to ensure the expectations of job seekers are met each step of the way. For example, 81% of candidates state that continuous communication during the hiring process is crucial, therefore, skilled recruiters will make sure to provide frequent status updates to keep job seekers engaged.

Additionally, specialized recruiters develop and hone their recruitment process over time. They refine their approach to make sure that candidate engagement is a priority while also ensuring they can deliver the results companies need and expect.

At Cloutera, we understand the needs of technology managers and have focused our services on providing fast, efficient, and effective tech hiring results. We specialize in finding top talent for hard-to-fill tech positions, striving to make the experience exceptional for employers and candidates alike. If you are struggling to find skilled job seekers for your vacant temp roles, the team at Cloutera can help. Contact us to learn more about our specialized recruitment services and see how our tech industry expertise can benefit you.

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