Every employer is having to contend with a candidate-driven market, increasing the level of competition for top talent. Today, 50% of human resource managers admit they can’t find qualified candidates for at least one open position.

Considering the best candidates are typically off the market within a mere 10 days, the recruitment strategies of yesteryear might be partially to blame for an employer’s struggle. On average, it takes a company 27 days to acquire a new hire, so finding approaches that engage and entice high-quality job seekers is a must.

In a highly competitive hiring climate, companies need to do more if they are going to stand out from the competition. Relying solely on phone calls and emails to engage with job seekers isn’t sufficient. Instead, finding opportunities to genuinely connect with your community is essential if you want to stand out as an employer of choice.

Community Engagement and Recruitment

As the world becomes increasingly digital, many companies view engagement as a social media-exclusive activity. However, these same principles can apply in the real world and are often incredibly effective.

Engagement involves providing those in your community with value while improving your visibility. Simply heading to a local job fair and discussing a vacancy isn’t engagement; that’s merely marketing your openings. While professionals may be aware you are seeking candidates, that isn’t always enough to attract top talent.

However, hosting seminars, providing workshops and speaking at events all fall in the engagement category. In those paradigms, you are sharing information that is designed to benefit professionals in a meaningful way, such as by introducing skill areas, discussing trends or offering guidance. It isn’t about selling your company as an ideal employer. Instead, the purpose is to provide value, and that is something many professionals appreciate.

Similarly, in-person networking that is focused on connection building and not just recruitment can also be a form of community engagement. With this approach, your goal is to forge relationships with professionals and make a positive impression. Plus, you are incidentally introducing others to your company’s culture, acting a representative of an employer’s values and attitude.

Candidates Trust Interactions With Employees

Many professionals take information employers share with a grain of salt. They understand that a business is trying to portray itself in a particular light, and that could lead it to skew reality.

However, when an individual employee shares information with other professionals about their employer, it is three times more likely to be trusted. Most candidates believe that details that come from an employee are more accurate than when it comes directly from the organization.

When it comes to gathering insights about an employer, 66% of job seekers think interacting with employees is the best approach. As a result, by engaging in community networking events, you can harness a unique opportunity that could bolster your recruitment efforts by involving employees at various levels and encouraging them to discuss their experience.

Ultimately, by taking an active role in your community, you are embracing a recruitment strategy that can reap dividends. If you would like to learn more about community engagement, the team at Cloutera can help. Contact us to discuss your questions with one of our specialists today and see how our networking expertise can benefit you.


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