Instead of meeting certain requirements for the sake of demonstrating a commitment to diversity in the workplace, companies have begun to embrace diversity for a multitude of other reasons. Cultural diversity in business brings mutual respect, economic empowerment, employee development, improved business reputation and an increase in social awareness.

We’re going to take a look at the benefits an organization and its employees reap when there is a healthy diversity built into the framework of a company.


Reciprocating Respect

Gathering different employees into groups and teams, where each person brings a unique style, perspective, experience – even a disability – can create more synergy. Employees learn to develop more respect for one another in the presence of their differences, because they still have to work together to achieve the same desired outcome.

Removing the Economic Consequences of Discrimination

When people face unemployment because of discrimination, or can’t find work to match their level of ability, they have less financial security. This lowers their standard of living and creates a domino effect on their families and their livelihoods. Then, the community begins to suffer as these marginalized populations no longer put money into circulation. Ageism, racism and discrimination for disabilities have a noticeable detrimental impact that would easily be mitigated through an open and diverse workplace.

Employee Development

Oftentimes, companies underestimate the value of having a diverse workplace because they don’t always consider foreign markets. Having a global growth perspective for the marketplace opens doors for varying ages and ethnicities. Companies have the opportunity to work toward multinational profit centers, and as a result, extend new opportunities to employees who are interested in learning about the strategies that accompany them.

Improved Business Reputation

When a company has a diverse workforce, a better reputation sits on the horizon. Natural consequences of an enhanced reputation are increased profitability and employee opportunities. Companies can accomplish the goal of diversity with solid recruiting and outreach strategies. In turn, companies that embrace diversity will widen their pool of choices for qualified candidates. Customers and clients also demonstrate trends of increased brand loyalty when they know a company has socially responsible business practices.

Increased Social Awareness

Exposure to varying cultures and backgrounds is only one aspect of workplace diversity. Any time employees experience work styles and attitudes that differ from their own, there’s potential for growth. In work environments with multiple generations, this especially rings true. Older generations with more traditional practices learn from younger, more tech-savvy employees. Younger employees develop an understanding of more traditional mindsets surrounding work ethics and long-term commitments.


Are you diversified?

With dissimilar minds, employees have the ability to enhance their brainstorming sessions. Instead of having stagnant results from mirroring mindsets, there’s more room for growth and productivity surrounding each project and decision. Are you considering increasing diversity within your company? Have you looked around lately and thought your business wasn’t reaching its full potential? We’d love to talk to you about how RPO can help you achieve the diversity you desire for your business. Contact Cloutera today at!

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