We may favor predictability over change, and routine over newness. But if we maintain the mindset that we can continue doing things the same way for the foreseeable future, our companies will suffer. Routine and certainty have their place, but they can be dangerous in the marketplace.

As we approach changing landscapes in technology, we know that refusing to accept innovation will have its consequences. It’ll be like swimming against a current. The key to tech advancements in the workplace is to embrace them, rather than oppose them.


The Bigger Picture

If a company starts with the bigger picture, it can begin to comprehend the argument for including more applications of technology into their operations. If the organization chooses to explain this to its employees, they may have initial resistance to using new apps or software, but employees will be given the chance to understand how these programs or initiatives will support their operations, perhaps even reducing the redundancy of certain tasks.

Sometimes executives and upper-level management may fail to effectively communicate the goals of the company with their employees – leaving them disengaged and apathetic. With resistance from employees, management will find their adaptation of new technology will prove a long and arduous undertaking.

Workplace Culture That Supports Growth

If companies seek to teach their employees the mindset that involves finding some comfort in change, they can find more momentum when they make switches to new software or applications.

Collaborate With IT

If the IT department isn’t privy to the reason behind the switch, they cannot effectively support the changes being made with technology. And without their understanding of the company’s goals, they can’t provide the best support for that vision. Management can collaborate with the IT department to ensure seamless transitions as they introduce their employees to newer, more modern methods of business operations.

Support Continuing Education

There will be employees who aren’t technologically inclined. They will need the kind of training that provides additional tools and support as they improve their skills. It’s wise to encourage those employees to continue learning until they find a level of comfort with their use.

Celebrate the Positives

When employees feel empowered and encouraged to provide feedback with changes, offer up some ideas or simply participate in the process, a company can successfully shift towards a culture that embraces change. Those employees may have some incredible feedback on the interface and user experience of the new technology or they may end up finding ways to improve upon the training and education of these new programs.

Monitor and Optimize

Just because you’ve had a successful switch to the new technology doesn’t mean there isn’t more to do. There are definitely reasons to celebrate a great rollout, but it’s important to monitor the impact the technology has over time. Evaluate the return on investment, unique ways it has improved upon operations, and ways you can use that to improve your and your employees’ experiences. Have your IT teams, marketing teams and vendors all collaborate to continue to improve the employee experience.


Have an Open Mind

While routine can be a source of comfort, innovation can be a great source of growth and opportunity. Are you looking for ways to improve upon your company’s operations? We’d love to speak with you. Contact us for more information on how we can help your company create a culture that embraces change.

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