Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provides a variety of services that range from handling part of the recruitment process, to providing full recruitment services to clients. RPO providers have the ability to find, choose, vet and onboard talent for clients – all while keeping its involvement tailored to the client’s preferences.

RPO serves as a solution for filling open positions within an organization while working as an extension of the client’s human resources department. The RPO team follows the organization’s policies, integrates with its culture and serves as part of the organization for the duration of its hiring services.

In recent years, RPO has grown in recognition because it provides flexible solutions, unique to each company served. RPO providers have the ability to provide incredible resources that bolster a company’s HR department by improving the hiring processes, branding, onboarding and forecasting – to name a few. But there are many clear advantages to utilizing RPO services, and we are going to outline them here.

Broaden the Search for Talent

The market for tech positions faces a scarcity of talent, which increases the difficulty of attracting more qualified candidates. RPO providers generally have a higher level of accessibility to the talent their clients so desperately want to find. Through careful selection and proven processes for identifying candidates who match the open positions, RPO extends past the access of more individuals, to accessing the right individuals.

Improve Branding Strategy

It’s not enough to find talent well suited for available positions; companies also need to focus on ways they can appeal to these candidates and provide a sense of attraction to those roles.

Much of the talent companies seek are qualified individuals, characterized as passive candidates. Passive candidates are those who are well qualified, yet already employed, who occasionally search available jobs to see if there’s anything out there with better benefits, cultures, locations or pay. It’s not enough to reach out to them. Companies must appeal to these candidates with an effective branding strategy that makes them want to work for the organization.

Speed up the Hiring Process

The typical timeframe companies have for filling an open position is about six weeks. The longer these positions go unfilled, the less efficient the company will be accomplishing daily objectives and outperforming competition. RPO providers increase the number professionals on the hiring team to reduce the overwhelm that comes with sourcing, vetting and onboarding for multiple crucial positions.

RPO providers work seamlessly with HR departments to know exactly what job requirements are crucial for the positions needing to be filled. They also require positions to be processed in shorter time frames. RPO providers approach hiring processes with precision, while creating smooth onboarding practices that ensure a faster hiring process.


Are you looking to grow your team with an efficient strategy, access to more talent, and speedy onboarding processes?

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