Companies often have fluctuating needs when it comes to their workforce. Many businesses are impacted by seasonal shifts in demand, creating periods where supplementing the size of their staff is essential. Others may need short-term assistance to cover permanent employee absences, such as when a key employee takes a vacation. Often, the process of acquiring and managing a contingent workforce for any of these needs internally is incredibly cumbersome. Finding the right contract workers necessitates a different approach to recruiting. As a result, working with a contract recruiter can be a smart move.

The Role of the Contract Recruiter

Contract recruiters are hiring specialists that focus on a company’s contingent workforce needs, giving employers access to experts in this specific area of the recruitment landscape. Once a contract recruiter is selected, the employer shares details about their workforce needs. The recruiter then moves forward, optimizing the sourcing, selection and hiring processes, ensuring the company has a right-sized workforce filled with skilled contingent workers.

The Benefits of Hiring a Contract Recruiter

Companies typically experience a range of benefits when they hire a contractor recruiter. First and foremost, they gain a highly skilled recruitment specialist. The organization has access to the recruiter’s expertise and capabilities, effectively supplementing its hiring team during periods of increased demand.

In many cases, businesses that use a contingent workforce need vacancies filled quickly. Since the average time to fill a position is 42 days – with the interviews alone can take about 23 days – finding a more efficient approach is critical.

With a contract recruiter, the company has a dedicated recruitment professional on board whose sole function is to manage the contingent workforce. This increases efficiency while simultaneously allowing managers to focus on other core business needs, ensuring productivity remains high as new short-term employees are located, screened, and placed.

Since contract recruiters are adept at locating and screening candidates, they can typically find right-fit job seekers with greater ease. With approximately 73% of companies saying that a talent shortage is harming their hiring objectives, having a recruitment specialist available can be a boon when the market is competitive. Additionally, recruiters apply their highly developed knowledge to the screening phases as well, selecting only the best candidate matches.

A contract recruiter’s priority is to ensure the company’s needs aren’t just met, but that they exceed expectations while they are in the position. This includes finding exceptional candidates a company may otherwise struggle to locate, allowing the company to access top talent, including for short-term projects or to make handling seasonal demand increases easier to manage.

Contract recruiters themselves are also short-term hires. They remain with a company while their capabilities are needed. Then, once demand decreases, the recruiter’s contract can come to an end. This approach allows organizations to supplement their HR departments or hiring teams at times when additional support is required. However, it also eliminates the long-term commitment associated with traditional hiring, reduces overall risk, and lessens the administrative burden associated with a permanent hire.


We understand the value a highly-skilled contract recruiter can bring.

Through our services, companies can integrate an experienced recruiter into their organization for the short term, ensuring they have the additional skills and support they require when their workforce needs an increase.

Plus, Cloutera provides its recruiters with continuous training and access to resources and tools that help them thrive. This includes options that can expedite searches for tough-to-find talent and analytics tools to increase success rates and boost efficiency.

If you want to learn more about what a Cloutera contract recruiter can do for your organization, contact us today to discuss your needs with one of our specialists and see how our comprehensive solutions can benefit you.

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